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17歳の頃に音楽制作ソフトFL Studioを用いた作曲を初め、2年後にはDJ世界1位の称号を持つ、Hardwell主宰 ”Revealed Recordings” より「Nightfade」をリリース。翌年には、オランダの大手レーベル “Armada Music” より「Tell Me The Truth」をリリースを果たし、世界トップDJ、Martin Garrix、Don Diablo、Hardwellなどにサポートを受ける。

2019年夏には、世界のダンスミュージックシーンを牽引するダンスミュージック・レーベル最大手の “Spinnin' Records” と日本人史上初の専属契約を結び、同年冬には、レーベルが中国で主催したオフィシャルイベント「Spinnin' Sessions」への出演を果たした。世界的な活躍が期待される日本人アーティストである。


【English Profile】
"Pharien" is the first ever Japanese to become a Spinnin' Records artist and one of the most rising dance music DJ/Producer in Japan at the moment. Stated his music interest at the age of three towards classic music from his mothers influence. He started to play piano and guitar since he was young leading him to liking Knife Party, Martin Garrix and Avicii.

Started producing music at the age of 17, Pharien quickly gets reputation as a dance music producer. Pharien releases "Nightfade" from Hardwell's imprint "Revealed Recordings" after 2 years of hard work and become one of the most played track from the label on 1001Tracklists.

Pharien was struggling on making his own sounds but started Future Trance and quickly got fascinate. In July 2019, he released one of his biggest track "Tell Me The Truth" from Armada Trice. Filled with his signature sounds the release was immediately supported by big artists such as Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Hardwell, Borgeous, Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams and more.

Pharien's weapon sound is the dreamy chord progression with is a chill atmosphere that comes from the music experience when he was a young kid. Now he is signed as an exclusive artist at Spinnin' Records working hard and leading the dance music scene in Japan.

Briefly: Pharien is the first Japanese DJ/Producer that is making internationally recognized dance music.

“Pharien”是日本有史以来第一位成为Spinnin' Records 的艺人也是日本如今最有发展潜力的电子舞曲DJ/制作人。在他三岁时受母亲影响,对古典音乐产生了浓烈的兴趣。从小就开始弹钢琴和弹吉他的 Pharien,喜欢上了 Knife Party, Martin Garrix 和 Avici,同时也展现出对于电子音乐极高的天赋。

Pharien 17岁的时候,就已经开始制作音乐,并且短短时间内就得到了电子舞曲制作人的认证。经过2年的不懈努力,Pharien在Hardwell的电音厂牌“Revealed Recordings”发行了《Nightfade》,这首收录在1001专辑中的单曲成为该公司播放量最高的歌曲之一。
Pharien一直在努力创造自己专属的音色,于是他很快就被“Future trance”所吸引。2019年7月,他在Armin Van Buuren的音乐厂牌“Armada Trice”发布了自己的成名作之一《Tell Me The Truth》。这首歌充满了他的标志性的音色,发行后立即得到了各路大牌制作人的认可与支持,如Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Hardwell, Borgeous, Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams and more等等。
受童年时代愉快轻松的音乐经历影响,Pharien的音乐形成了以梦幻愉悦的“Future trance”为主打的音乐风格 。现在的他签约成为Spinnin' Records 的独家艺人,相信在不久的未来,Pharien将引领日本电子音乐的潮流走向!

千言万语汇成一句话: Pharien是一个国际公认的电子舞曲 DJ/制作人

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