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ヒップホップをルーツにベースハウスサウンドを追求しているMephiのオリジナル楽曲は、これまでに、R3HAB 、Don Diablo、Tchami、Wolfgang Gartner、Tommie Sunshine、Blasterjaxxなど名だたる世界のトップDJにサポートをされている。

フランスのパリ、リオン、マルセイユ、グルノーブルにて精力的にDJ活動を行い、2019年より東京に活動拠点を移動し、ageHa、WARP SHINJUKU、CLUB CAMELOT、TK SHIBUYAなどで出演を重ねている。

Having began his journey only a few years ago, Mephi is a rising french DJ/PRODUCER in the electronic scene and is currently based in Tokyo.

With a style comprised of powerful basslines, groovy percussion, dark vibes and crazy elements, his main goal is to share his musical vision with the masses.

Mephi is supported by big artists like Don Diablo, Wolfgang Gartner, Autoerotique, UNIVZ, REHAB, Tommie Sunshine, Antoine Delvig, Sonny Banks, Syskey, Dustycloud, Blasterjaxx, Valy Mo and many others.
On top of that, he has signed on to various labels such as :
Augmented music, panther’s groove, ensis record, intense music, gold digger and already has all the keys in his hand to make his mark on today’s electronic music scene.

He has performed all over France in places like Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble and has reached the finals of one of the biggest dj contests in Lyon (Les 24H DE l’INSA).
Along with that, he’s also been booked by one of the biggest bass music groups in lyon (PHASE) to perform on their legendary boat party.
Since moving to tokyo, he has also played in all of the biggest clubs of the city such as AgeHa, Waep, TK, and camelot, among others.
He also reached the final of the EDC JAPAN DISCOVERY PROJECT.

Listeners, party-goers and promoters alike would be wise to take note of mephi as his following and musical prowess continue to grow going forward.

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